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100 Masculine Industrial Bedroom Ideas

A collection of 100 masculine industrial bedroom ideas featuring rugged decor, exposed brick walls, metal accents, and stylish furniture for a sophisticated and edgy look.

Masculine bedrooms are strong, stylish, and prioritize comfort and functionality. A welcoming and cozy design often trumps glitzy décor. However, you don't have to choose between comfort and style. Here are some fabulous and functional masculine bedroom ideas to inspire your next home renovation or design project.

Masculine Industrial Bedroom Ideas

Walls and Surfaces

Walls and Surfaces

Exposed Brick Walls:

Exposed Brick Walls:

One of the hallmarks of industrial design is the use of exposed brick. If your home has brick walls, leave them uncovered to add texture and authenticity. For those without, faux brick wallpaper can achieve a similar effect.

Concrete Walls:

Concrete Walls:

Embrace the raw, unfinished look of concrete walls for an industrial vibe. You can also use concrete paint or wallpaper to mimic this effect.

Reclaimed Wood Panels:

Reclaimed Wood Panels

Use reclaimed wood panels on one wall to create a warm focal point. This adds texture and a rustic touch to the room.

Metal Wall Art:

Metal Wall Art:

Hang metal wall art to incorporate industrial elements. Pieces made from iron, steel, or aluminum can add a modern edge.

Distressed Paint:

Distressed Paint:

Apply distressed paint techniques to your walls for a weathered, industrial look. Use shades of gray, white, and muted tones.

Industrial Murals:

Industrial Murals:

Consider an industrial-themed mural, such as a cityscape or abstract industrial patterns, to make a bold statement.



Polished Concrete Floors:

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are durable and give an authentic industrial look. Add rugs to soften the space and add warmth.

Wooden Floors:

Wooden Floors:

Choose wide-plank wooden floors in a distressed finish to complement the industrial style. This adds warmth and texture to the room.

Stenciled Floors:

Stenciled Floors:

Create a unique look by stenciling patterns onto your wooden or concrete floors. Geometric designs work well with industrial decor.

Rug Layers:

Rug Layers:

Layer rugs to add warmth and texture to your floors. A large area rug can anchor the space, while smaller rugs can define different areas within the room.



Platform Bed:

Platform Bed

A low-profile platform bed with a metal frame is perfect for an industrial bedroom. Pair it with a reclaimed wood headboard for a rustic touch.

Vintage Dresser:

Vintage Dresser:

Look for a vintage or industrial-style dresser. Metal handles and distressed wood can add character to your bedroom.

Industrial Nightstands:

Industrial Nightstands:

Use industrial-style nightstands with metal and wood elements. These can be simple tables or repurposed items like old lockers or crates.

Comfortable Chair:

Comfortable Chair

Add a comfortable chair in the corner of your bedroom. Look for something with a metal frame and leather upholstery to keep with the industrial theme while adding comfort.

Metal Shelving:

Metal Shelving

Install metal shelving units for storage and display. These are perfect for books, decorative items, and even plants.

Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame:

Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame

Opt for a bed frame made from reclaimed wood to add a rustic, cozy element to the room.

Industrial Desk:

Industrial Desk

If you need a workspace in your bedroom, set up an industrial desk with a metal frame and a wooden top. Keep it clutter-free and use stylish organizers.

Metal Wardrobe:

Metal Wardrobe:

A metal wardrobe can provide stylish storage and add an industrial touch. Look for one with an open design to keep your clothes visible and easily accessible.

Repurposed Furniture:

Repurposed Furniture

Use repurposed furniture pieces, such as old factory carts or vintage trunks, as unique bedside tables or storage solutions.

Industrial Bench:

Industrial Bench

Place an industrial-style bench at the foot of the bed for extra seating and storage. Look for one with a metal frame and a wooden top.



Edison Bulbs:

Edison Bulbs

Use Edison bulbs for a warm, vintage glow. They are perfect for industrial spaces and add a touch of nostalgia.

Pendant Lights:

Pendant Lights

Hang pendant lights with metal shades for an industrial look. Choose fixtures with exposed bulbs and simple designs.

String Lights:

String Lights

Add string lights to create a cozy atmosphere. Drape them across the headboard or along the walls for a soft, inviting glow.

Metal Floor Lamp:

Metal Floor Lamp

A metal floor lamp with an adjustable arm can provide both task and ambient lighting. Look for designs with a vintage or industrial feel.

Industrial Chandelier:

Industrial Chandelier:

Install an industrial chandelier above the bed or seating area for a dramatic focal point. Choose one with metal and glass elements for an authentic look.

Wall Sconces:

Wall Sconces:

Use wall sconces with metal frames and exposed bulbs to add ambient lighting. These are great for bedside reading or accent lighting.

Vintage Desk Lamp:

Vintage Desk Lamp

Place a vintage desk lamp on your nightstand or desk for a functional and stylish lighting solution.

Industrial Track Lighting:

Industrial Track Lighting

Install track lighting with adjustable heads to highlight different areas of the room. This is a great way to add focused lighting in an industrial space.

Wire Cage Lights:

Wire Cage Lights

Use wire cage lights for a rugged, industrial look. These can be used as pendant lights, sconces, or table lamps.

Lantern Lights:

Lantern Lights

Incorporate lantern-style lights for a cozy, vintage feel. These can be used as bedside lamps or hanging fixtures.

Bedding and Textiles

Bedding and Textiles

Neutral Bedding:

Neutral Bedding

Choose neutral bedding in shades of gray, white, or beige to keep the focus on the room's industrial elements. Add texture with knitted throws or quilted blankets.

Leather Pillows:

Leather Pillows

Add leather pillows to your bed or seating area for a masculine touch that also brings in texture and warmth.

Plaid Blankets:

Plaid Blankets:

Use plaid blankets in neutral or dark colors to add a rugged, masculine touch to your bedding.

Wool Throws:

Wool Throws:

Incorporate wool throws for added warmth and texture. Choose colors that complement the industrial palette, like grays, browns, or muted greens.

Industrial Patterns:

Industrial Patterns

Look for bedding and textiles with industrial patterns, such as geometric designs or simple stripes, to add visual interest.

Layered Bedding:

Layered Bedding

Layer your bedding with different textures and materials, such as cotton sheets, a wool blanket, and a quilted comforter, for a cozy yet rugged look.

Neutral Curtains:

Neutral Curtains:

Opt for neutral curtains in heavy fabrics like canvas or linen to add an industrial touch while providing privacy and light control.

Rugged Area Rugs:

Rugged Area Rugs

Choose area rugs with a rugged look, such as jute, sisal, or distressed wool, to add texture and warmth to the floors.

Dark Color Accents:

Dark Color Accents

Use dark color accents in your bedding and textiles to add depth and a masculine touch. Think dark gray, navy, or black.

Textured Fabrics:

Textured Fabrics

Incorporate textured fabrics like corduroy, tweed, or denim in your pillows, throws, and upholstery to add interest and a tactile quality to the room.

Accessories and Decor

Accessories and Decor

Vintage Clocks:

Vintage Clocks:

Hang a vintage clock with a metal frame to add a functional and stylish industrial touch.

Industrial Mirrors:

Industrial Mirrors:

Use industrial-style mirrors with metal frames or reclaimed wood to reflect light and add depth to the room.

Metal Sculptures:

Metal Sculptures

Add metal sculptures or decorative items to shelves and surfaces for an industrial accent.

Vintage Fans:

Vintage Fans

Place a vintage fan on a nightstand or dresser for a functional and decorative piece that enhances the industrial vibe.

Black-and-White Photography:

Black-and-White Photography:

Hang black-and-white photography with industrial or cityscape themes to add a masculine and modern touch to the walls.

Iron Hardware:

Iron Hardware:

Choose iron hardware for your furniture and decor items, such as drawer pulls, door handles, and hooks, to add an industrial feel.

Exposed Piping:

Exposed Piping

Use exposed piping as a design element, such as in shelving units or clothing racks, to emphasize the industrial theme.

Metal Trays:

Metal Trays

Use metal trays on dressers for nightstands to organize small items and add a sleek industrial touch.

Industrial Bookends:

Industrial Bookends

Choose industrial-style bookends made from metal or concrete to keep your books organized and stylishly displayed.

Vintage Typewriter:

Vintage Typewriter

Display a vintage typewriter on a desk or shelf as a nostalgic and industrial decorative piece.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Metal Baskets:

Metal Baskets:

Use metal baskets for stylish and practical storage. They can hold anything from books to blankets, adding to the industrial aesthetic.

Industrial Cabinets:

Industrial Cabinets

Install industrial-style cabinets with metal frames and wooden shelves for ample storage space that fits the theme.

Floating Shelves:

Floating Shelves

Use floating shelves made from reclaimed wood and metal brackets to display books, decor, and other items.

Wooden Crates:

Wooden Crates

Repurpose wooden crates for storage or as side tables to add a rustic and functional element to the room.

Locker-Style Storage:

Locker-Style Storage

Use locker-style storage units for a practical and industrial touch, perfect for storing clothes, shoes, or accessories.

Under-Bed Storage:

Under-Bed Storage

Utilize under-bed storage solutions like metal bins or wooden crates to keep items organized and out of sight.

Wall Hooks:

Wall Hooks

Install wall hooks with a metal or industrial finish for hanging coats, hats, or bags.

Pipe Shelving Units:

Pipe Shelving Units

Create shelving units using metal pipes and reclaimed wood for a custom, industrial look that provides plenty of storage space.

Wire Baskets:

Wire Baskets

Use wire baskets for open storage, keeping items visible yet organized. These work well on shelves or under furniture.

Storage Trunks:

Storage Trunks

Use vintage storage trunks for a dual-purpose solution. They provide storage and can also serve as coffee tables or seating.

Metal Filing Cabinets:

Metal Filing Cabinets

Repurpose metal filing cabinets for bedroom storage. They offer a sturdy and industrial storage option.

Pegboard Organizer:

Pegboard Organizer

Install a pegboard on one wall to hang tools, accessories, or decorative items, adding both functionality and industrial style.

Repurposed Factory Carts:

Repurposed Factory Carts

Use old factory carts as mobile storage units or side tables, adding a rugged, industrial element to your bedroom.

Industrial Toolboxes:

Industrial Toolboxes

Use industrial tool boxes for storing small items or as unique nightstands, adding a masculine touch to the room.

Furniture (Continued)

Furniture (Continued)

Iron Bed Frame:

Iron Bed Frame

Choose an iron bed frame for its durability and industrial aesthetic. Pair it with neutral bedding for a balanced look.

Industrial Bookshelves:

Industrial Bookshelves

Install industrial-style bookshelves with metal frames and wooden shelves for an organized and stylish storage solution.

Metal and Wood Desk:

Metal and Wood Desk

Opt for a desk with a metal frame and wooden top to add functionality and industrial charm.

Leather Chair:

Leather Chair

Incorporate a leather armchair to add a touch of luxury and comfort while maintaining the industrial vibe.

Metal Bar Stools:

Use metal bar stools as seating options, adding height and an industrial edge to the room.

Lighting (Continued)

Lighting (Continued)

Adjustable Wall Lamps:

Adjustable Wall Lamps

Install adjustable wall lamps with an industrial design for flexible lighting options, perfect for reading or adding ambient light.

Industrial Table Lamps:

Industrial Table Lamps

Use industrial-style table lamps with metal bases and exposed bulbs on nightstands or desks.

Caged Ceiling Fan:

Caged Ceiling Fan

Choose a ceiling fan with a caged light fixture for a practical and stylish lighting solution that enhances the industrial theme.

Vintage Lanterns:

Vintage Lanterns

Use vintage lanterns as bedside lamps or decorative pieces, adding a warm and nostalgic touch.

Rope Lighting:

Rope Lighting

Incorporate rope lighting for a unique industrial look. Wrap them around pipes or use them as hanging light fixtures.

Decor and Accessories (Continued)

Decor and Accessories (Continued)

Metal Wall Clocks:

Metal Wall Clocks:

Hang large metal wall clocks for a functional and decorative piece that complements the industrial style.

Industrial Wall Hooks:

Industrial Wall Hooks:

Install industrial-style wall hooks made from metal or pipes to hang hats, jackets, or accessories.

Gear Wall Art:

Gear Wall Art

Use gear wall art to add a mechanical, industrial element to your bedroom decor.

Vintage Posters:

Vintage Posters

Hang vintage posters with industrial or automotive themes to add a masculine and historical touch.

Metal Vases:

Metal Vases

Use metal vases to hold plants or flowers, adding a rugged yet refined element to the decor.

Bedding and Textiles (Continued)

Bedding and Textiles (Continued)

Canvas Pillows:

Canvas Pillows:

Add canvas pillows to your bed or seating area for a durable and industrial look.

Striped Bedding:

Striped Bedding

Choose striped bedding in neutral or dark colors to add a classic yet industrial touch to your bedroom.

Linen Sheets:

Linen Sheets

Use linen sheets for a breathable and textured bedding option that complements the industrial theme.

Patterned Throws:

Patterned Throws

Incorporate patterned throws with geometric or industrial designs to add visual interest and warmth.

Heavy Curtains:

Heavy Curtains

Choose heavy curtains in dark or neutral colors to add a dramatic and cozy touch to the room.

Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

Steel-Framed Windows:

Steel-Framed Windows:

Opt for steel-framed windows to enhance the industrial look and allow plenty of natural light.

Barn Doors:

Barn Doors:

Install sliding barn doors with metal hardware for a rustic, industrial entry to your bedroom.

Blackout Blinds:

Blackout Blinds:

Use blackout blinds with a sleek, industrial design for privacy and light control.

Metal Grilles:

Metal Grilles:

Add metal grilles to windows or doors for an industrial and secure look.

Vintage Window Treatments:

Vintage Window Treatments

Choose vintage-style window treatments with simple, industrial designs to complement the overall theme.

Personal Touches

Personal Touches

Personalized Signs:

Personalized Signs:

Hang personalized metal signs with your name or a meaningful phrase for a custom industrial touch.

Industrial-Style Photo Frames:

Industrial-Style Photo Frames

Use industrial-style photo frames to display personal photos and add a personal touch to the decor.

Customized Shelving:

Customized Shelving

Build customized shelving units using pipes and reclaimed wood for a personalized storage solution.

Monogrammed Pillows:

Monogrammed Pillows:

Add monogrammed pillows to your bed for a personalized and stylish touch.

Industrial Art:

Industrial Art:

Create or commission industrial-themed art pieces to add a unique and personal element to your decor.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Vintage Suitcases:

Vintage Suitcases

Stack vintage suitcases for additional storage and a decorative touch that adds to the industrial aesthetic.

Industrial Clock:

Industrial Clock:

Choose an oversized industrial clock as a focal point for the room, blending functionality with style.

Metal Sculptures:

Metal Sculptures:

Add metal sculptures or decor items to shelves and surfaces for an industrial accent.

Reclaimed Wood Art:

Reclaimed Wood Art:

Hang art pieces made from reclaimed wood to add texture and a rustic element to the room.

Metal Plant Stands:

Metal Plant Stands:

Use metal plant stands to hold your plants, adding a touch of greenery while maintaining the industrial vibe.

By incorporating these ideas, you can create a masculine industrial bedroom that is both stylish and comfortable. The key is to blend raw, industrial elements with touches of warmth and personalization, resulting in a space that feels uniquely yours.

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